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Regardless of which year you or someone you love graduated from St. Ignatius, anywhere from 1909 to 2007, here's a place to visit friends and teachers, and learn how you can help ensure the gift we call a St. Ignatius Education is made available for generations to come.

The Foundation Board welcomes you to learn more about the School and the children attending today as well as our alum and ways to stay in touch. We also want to invite you to consider making a donation to the St. Ignatius School Endowment to help the School continue to serve children for generations to come; the same way they did you and your friends and family.

To sustain its mission and meet the needs of St. Ignatius School in the 21st Century and beyond, in 1983 a group of dedicated parents and parishioners started the foundation. The purpose was to build an endowment and use its income to provide support for the School's educational mission in perpetuity, ensuring support for current and future generations. A well-established endowment will protect the School from fluctuating external financial and economic forces.

Gifts from donors like you have allowed the Foundation to distribute over $300,000 to St. Ignatius School in the last 20 years. The current endowment is over $950,000. This will allow a larger principal base for income generation to help offset rising tuition costs; thus ensuring education at St. Ignatius remains affordable for generations to come.

We ask that you consider donating to the St. Ignatius School Endowment Fund as you review your charitable giving options. Giving to the endowment provides the dual benefit of satisfying philanthropic goals as well as having tax advantages.